Mercury Trim Wrench

Easily remove the trim rods on 2-stroke Mercury outboard motors

Tower Style Tip-Stop
Tower Style Tip-Stop
Tower Style Tip-Stop
Tower Style Tip-Stop
$69.50 Part# TW-M2X

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Designed for use on most late model mercury 2-stroke motors, this trim wrench has two pins to remove the trim rod cap which must be removed from the trim rod assembly without damaging it. The wrench features a total of 8 holes for pin positioning options. The pin assembly is made up of two 5/16-24" heat treated allen cap-screws with 3/16" dowel pins pressed into the body of each. If a pin is damaged during unscrewing, the assembly design of our trim wrench allows customers to replace the cap-screw with a new one available through Moto-Stop.


  • Black Zinc Coated
  • 5/16-24 heat treated allen cap-screws
  • 3/16” dowel pin pressed into the body
  • See Diagram Above for Detailed Specs