2-Stroke Yamaha Trim Wrench

This handy trim rod remover is designed for Yamaha engines

Yamaha Trim Wrench
2-stroke trim wrench
2-stroke trim wrench diagram
2-stroke/4-stroke trim wrench
2-stroke/4-stroke trim wrench
2-strok trim wrench diagram
$69.50 Part# TW-Y2X

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This trim wrench has four pins to satisfy all four holes in the Yamaha aluminum cap making removal of the trim rod assembly easy. The pin assembly is made up of four 5/16-24 heat treated allen cap-screws with 5/32" dowel pins pressed into the body of each. If a pin is damaged during unscrewing, the design of our trim wrench allows customers to replace the cap-screw with a new one available through Moto-Stop. Wrench design is for most late model Yamaha motors. Check Moto-Stop products page for other quality Yamaha tools.


  • 5/16-24 heat treated allen cap-screws
  • 5/32" dowel pin pressed into the body
  • See Diagram Above for Detailed Specs