Instructions: Install your Transom Saver

To install the transom saver

Please refer to the owner’s manual for your outboard motor for instructions on raising and lowering the trim limit.

  • Remove steering rods clips and transom saver from provided red canvas Moto-Stop bag.
    • Store bag in an accessible location for use upon removal of transom saver and steering rod clips. 
  • Raise the outboard motor to its up most position.
  • Locate the bottom of the transom saver. 
    • The bottom of the transom saver will have two polyurethane bushings with holes to slide over the trim rods.
      • The top of the transom saver has solid polyurethane pads protruding from the metal frame.
    • When properly facing, the “MOTO-STOP”  lettering in the center of the transom saver will be right side up.
    • The bottom is wider than the top.
  • Place the polyurethane bushings on the bottom of the transom saver over the corresponding trim rods.
  • Slide the transom saver down the trim rods until it rests on the trim rod mount. 
  • For two-piece installation, slide the top half of the transom saver on top of the bottom half until the magnet connects the two pieces together.
  • Lower the outboard motor until it rests comfortably on top of the transom saver
  • Clip the steering rods in place by placing the open side over the steering rod and pressing firmly until the clip is attached to the rod. 
    • Rotate steering clip upward to increase tension and verify secure fit.